ACEMP-METU – Istanbul, Turkey, 27th – 29th August 2019

Dr Mircea Popescu (Chief Technology Officer of MDL) and Dr David Staton (President of MDL) will be delivering a tutorial at this event on ‘Practical design aspects for electrical machines in power traction applications for Electrical Vehicles’.

About the tutorial

There is currently significant activity in the mass manufacturing and development of electric machines for automotive applications where a wide variety of possible solutions can be seen. This tutorial aims to evaluate a range of the most common design options in terms of performance, cost and manufacturability. Development of an EV powertrain is a complex systems problem and achieving an optimal system design requires evaluation of many different concepts and topologies as well as detailed understanding of the system interactions. The tutorial will be focussed upon a set of typical electric machine specifications through which the following design variations will be explored for traction motors in EVs and proposes simple modifications that can improve the motor performance. For relevance, initial designs are based on equivalent existing commercial solutions: Tesla, BMWi3, Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt, Honda Accord. Three categories of traction motors are considered, depending on the power level and vehicle type: battery electrical vehicle, plug-in hybrid vehicles, mild hybrid vehicles. The performance improvement or cost reduction can be achieved via various techniques as: flat wire technology winding, oil spray cooling, aluminium winding.

The performance of the design choices will be evaluated using sophisticated electromagnetic and thermal modelling techniques. The modelling will evaluate continuous and peak torque/speed characteristics, performance over duty cycles and efficiency maps as well as accounting for aspects such as AC winding loss, voltage harmonics, demagnetisation, mechanical stress and complex heat transfer paths.

 Outline of the tutorial

The tutorial will be focussed around various design solutions for a range of electric and hybrid vehicles. All designs will be evaluated and quantified in terms of performance, cost and manufacturability. The tutorial is structured as follows:

  1. Trade-off design for a BEV traction motor: electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical aspects
  2. Test and validation procedures for electric motors
  3. High performance machine for a Motorsport Application

The tutorial is mainly addressed to Engineers and Technical Professionals who have an interest in Electric Machines for automotive application

For more information, visit the ACEMP-METU website.


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