Advanced E-Motor Technology 2020, 10th – 13th February 2020

Dr James Goss, CEO of Motor Design Ltd, will be co-presenting at this conference alongside Dr Alex Michaelides, the Senior Manager and Tech. Specialist for eMachines and Controls at Jaguar Land Rover.

Wednesday 12th February  I 16:20  I  Optimisation Methods in Electric Drive Design 
This presentation demonstrates a revolutionary electric machine design and optimisation approach that enables full multi-objective pareto based optimisation. Each design candidate is fully evaluated against the design specification including electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical constraints. A case study is shown for a P2 permanent magnet machine for a PHEV application, the machine is optimised for maximum drive cycle efficiency, minimum size and minimum cost.

Presented by: Dr. Alex Michaelides (Senior Manager and Tech. Specialist eMachines and Controls, Jaguar Land Rover) and Dr. James Goss (Chief Executive Officer, Motor Design Ltd).

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