7th May 2021

Motor Design Ltd receives the Ansys Technology Partner Accelerator Award

Motor Design Ltd was honoured to receive the Ansys Technology Partner Accelerator Award at the inaugural Technology Partner Awards ceremony last month.

Presented by Matt Zack, VP Corporate Development and Global Partnerships at Ansys, the awards celebrated the success of the Ansys partner ‘ecosystem’ approach, which aims to streamline workflows, foster innovation and break down siloes.

Partner Award Winners

  • Microsoft
  • HPE
  • PTC
  • Intel
  • Motor Design Ltd

Motor Design Ltd has been in partnership with Ansys since October 2019 and together we aim to create an unparalleled workflow for electric machines. Find out more about our partnership and how our software, Motor-CAD, links to Ansys simulation tools here.

Dr. James Goss, CEO of Motor Design Ltd, said, “We are delighted to receive the Ansys Partner Accelerator Award and it has been a pleasure working alongside the team at Ansys over the past 18 months. We look forward to developing the partnership further as we continue to enhance the integration of Motor-CAD and Ansys simulation tools, delivering an unparalleled solution for the design and simulation of electric machines.”

Find out more on the Ansys blog.

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