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Our team can guide you through the full electric motor development lifecycle: from concept design to manufacturing support.

Our consultancy services are led by Dr Mircea Popescu who, during his almost 30 years in the engineering profession, brought original contributions to the analysis, optimal design theory as well as to the engineering development of high efficiency electric machines.

Whether you are looking for support with a development project or simply a second opinion on your designs, our specialists can help.

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How we can help

Our services are based on your requirements and the action plan is drawn up in close consultation with clients to ensure that the service meets your needs. Where necessary, we will call upon the expertise of our professional partners in research and industry to widen our skills base.

We have worked on numerous projects for a wide range of clients in many different industries. Our projects have included hybrid/electric vehicles, green aircraft, wind power generation, submersible pumps, hermetic compressors, conveyer rollers and racing cars. One thing all our customers have in common is the reassurance of knowing that their motor design issues will be dealt with by professionals who are skilled motor designers with extensive experience in this area of work.

  • We provide complete original designs for electric motors and generators.

    The predicted electromagnetic and thermal performance of the new designs is presented in comprehensive and detailed reports. The analysis of the newly designed machines is based on our expertise together with a highly specialised software suite that includes: Motor-CAD and Ansys tools.

  • We optimise your existing electric machines designs.

    We can provide expert advice on how best to meet specifications such as size, weight considerations, energy efficiency or cost.

  • We investigate thermal problems in your existing electric machines design.

    Our expert knowledge of the cooling of electric machines, together with our cutting-edge thermal analysis tools, enable us to find solutions to a wide range of thermal problems.

Case Study

Motor Design Ltd & Equipmake

Motor Design Ltd and Equipmake partnered to deliver a high torque density electric motor for racing applications. A design-led project, using state-of-the-art rapid engineering tools from MDL and prototype and testing expertise at Equipmake, that resulted in a highly efficient e-motor for motorsport.

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Customer Testimonials

Since our founding over 20 years ago, we have worked on numerous projects for a wide range of clients in many different industries.

"The expertise provided by MDL was most valuable for our projects. We have used their detailed electromagnetic and thermal analysis capabilities for complex models, leading to developments of high performance electric machines."

Dr Dan Ionel, FIEEE — Chief Engineer, Regal Beloit Corp., USA

"Equipmake has been working closely with Motor Design Ltd for over 2 years. MDL have provided us with state of the art design and analysis services, enabling us to successfully prototype new motor designs in record time."

Ian Foley — Director, Equipmake, UK

"In recent years Motor Design Limited have provided the Denis Ferranti Group with a sound electromagnetic and thermal design service. Their reactivity and technical competence has to be commended."

James de Ferranti — General Manager, Denis Ferranti Group, UK

"The guys at Motor Design have become a key part of our motor development and optimisation process. We can outsource tricky electromagnetic and thermal problems to them which they solve with a minimum of input from us. This means that we have been able to significantly reduce our product development times and still get great results."

Steven Jennings — Department Manager Advanced Development, Interroll Research Centre, Germany

"Motor Design Ltd is a rare design resource for induction machines. Not only do they provide solid motor analysis, but they also communicate well across cultures and nationalities, making them a pleasure to work with. In the expanding world of induction motors, especially for electric vehicle traction, MDL get my recommendation."

Malcolm Burwell — North American Technology Director, International Copper Association

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