20th February 2020

Motor-CAD European User Conference 2020

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in our 2020 Motor-CAD European User Conference. It was fantastic to meet with and discuss recent trends in electric motor design with Motor-CAD users from around the globe. In addition to advanced modelling workshops and motor design clinics on multiphysics optimisation, system simulation, cooling, losses and mechanical analysis, we also heard from design engineers at the cutting-edge of electric motor design at the event, including:

  • Bulent Sarlioglu, University of Wisconsin-Madison – High Performance Electric Machine Design for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles and Aircraft.
  • Pierre Millithaler, Schaeffler – E-Machine Optimisation Method Based on Performance Maps and Duty-Cycle Simulations.
  • Mark Boden, Rolls-Royce – Robust Design of Electrical Machines using Motor-CAD and iSight.
  • Branko Ban, Volvo Trucks – Non-Template Multi-Physics Optimization of SyRM and PMASR Machines in Motor-CAD.
  • John Reeve, FluxSys – ConceptEV Topics and Motor-CAD Value & Integrations.
  • Cleef Thackwell, Jaguar Land Rover – System-Level Simulation of an 800V Traction Drive Based on a Squirrel-Cage Induction Motor with Silicon-Carbide Inverter.
  • Branimir Mrak (Flanders Make) & Steven Vanhee (Dana) – Validation of High Performance Liquid Cooling Methods in Electrical Motors.
  • Philipp Siehr, CADFEM GmbH – Coupling the ANSYS Tools Motor-CAD, Maxwell and Mechanical to Include Advanced Electromagnetic Effects in the Design Process.
  • Sara Roggia, Safran Tech– Challenges and Innovative Solutions for Aerospace System Applications.
  • Martin Hanke, CADFEM GmbH – End Winding Inductance Calculation for Motor-CAD Usage: Comparison of Four Different Approaches.

To see the full 2020 Motor-CAD European User Conference agenda, download the brochure (0.8MB).

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