CADFEM Simulation Conference 2021

MDL will be delivering two presentations as part of the CADFEM Simulation Conference Electric Drives event.

  • Presented by Dr Melanie Michon (Head of Engineering) & Nicolas Riviere (E-Machine Specialist)
  • Online Virtual Event
  • 29th April 2021

Motor Design Ltd will be participating in the ‘Electric Drives: Design, Optimisation, System Integration’ Simulation Conference event, taking place on the 29th April.

Electromagnetic forces calculation in Motor-CAD for e-NVH analysis – Nicolas Riviere (E-Machine Specialist at MDL)

The fast-growing electrification of the transport sector is pushing motor designers to account for NVH aspects from the early design stage. Predesign tools are therefore necessary to rapidly and efficiently evaluate forces responsible for vibrations that may result in undesirable radiated noise from the structure. In this presentation it will be shown how Motor-CAD software is addressing this challenging task. In particular we will focus on how electromagnetic forces can be calculated with accuracy over multiple operating points in both the time and frequency domains, and on how electromagnetic the force data can be post processed for further e-NVH analysis.

Democratizing the Optimisation of Electric Traction Motors for Electric Drive Units – Dr. Melanie Michon (Head of Engineering at MDL)

This presentation will demonstrate a unique optimisation workflow for electric traction motors within an electric drive unit (EDU). System level requirements for inverter and transmission, such as maximum current and gear ratio, are included in the optimisation. This enables system design trade-offs to be made between the EDU components and allows component designers to collaborate in achieving an overall optimum EDU system.

An optimisation solution is demonstrated showing system level trade-offs in a clear and concise manner. Pareto front results quantify the impact of inverter and transmission on the traction motor key performance objectives. The presented CAE workflow facilitates cross-discipline communication between component design teams, system teams and management enabling teams to collaborate, understand system interactions and achieve EDU system optimisation.

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