CADFEM Technology Days: ROMs and System Integration

MDL will be delivering two presentations as part of this event - 'Model based system engineering with Ansys Motor-CAD' and 'Even faster: NVH simulated with Motor-CAD'.

  • Presented by Dr. James Goss, Dr. Melanie Michon & Giada Venturini
  • Online Virtual Event
  • 20th July 2021

Motor Design Ltd will be delivering two presentations at the CADFEM Technology Day dedicated to ROMs and system integration.

Model based system engineering with Ansys Motor-CAD – Dr. James Goss, CEO

This presentation will demonstrate the various options for simulating motors in system simulation environments such as Twinbuilder and Simulink. This will cover electromagnetic and thermal models at different levels of fidelity for use cases such as multi-physics drive cycle analysis or coupled motor and inverter switching simulation.

Even faster: NVH simulated with Motor-CAD – Giada Venturini (Research Engineer, MDL), Dr. Melanie Michon (Head of Engineering, MDL) & Martin Hanke and Jurgen Wibbeler (CADFEM GmbH)

Nowadays, NVH analysis for adjustable speed motors is becoming a key design challenge, especially because of the introduction of high-frequency control drive strategies.
The so-called “magnetic noise” problem is due to sources of different nature, such as electromagnetic, mechanical and aerodynamic ones. Indeed, a global approach is required in order to obtain accurate and realistic results.

This presentation shows a fast NVH workflow, developed in Twin Builder, based on several reduced-order models built using both Motor-CAD and Ansys Mechanical. Starting from a given excitation, this system model gives as result the acoustic response of the electrical machine analysed during a transient simulation.
The main advantages of this workflow are given by the simulation time, which is significantly reduced compared to more traditional NVH analysis approaches, and the capability to calculate transient responses.