Motor-CAD Global Summit 2021

Join our FREE, virtual summit taking place on the 8th—12th February 2021. Featuring presentations from world-leading e-machine specialists, interactive workshops, access to our popular online training course materials and daily live Q&A.

  • Online Virtual Event
  • 8th - 12th February 2021

Format of live speaker sessions and workshops

As an attendee, you will have access to the online portal for the duration of the summit giving you constant access to our training materials and video tutorials, as well as opportunities to schedule meetings with our team. Join us live at the designated time each day to participate in live speaker sessions and workshops. Recordings of live sessions will be uploaded to the portal for those who are unable to attend.

Final Agenda

The final agenda for the 2021 Motor-CAD Global Summit is now available! View the full agenda as a pdf, or see an overview of technical presentations, workshops and motor design clinics below.

Download Agenda (0.2MB)


Technical Presentations
  • American Axle & Manufacturing − John Morgante
    Necessary Product and Process Advancements for the Application of Traction Motors in Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles Using Motor-CAD.
  • Motor Design Ltd − Shaoshen Xue, Ph.D.
    Modelling of Electric Machines with Hairpin Windings in Motor-CAD.
  • Illinois Institute of Technology − Ian Brown, Ph.D.
    High Performance Wound Field and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines for EV Traction.
  • Motor Design Ltd − Liu Chuan, Ph.D., & Husain Adam
    Experimental Oil Jet Cooling for Hairpin Windings with a Motor-CAD Model Calibration Workflow.
  • CADFEM GmbH − Martin Hanke, Dr. rer. nat., & Jürgen Wibbeler, Dr-Ing.
    NVH analysis of an EV IPM motor including PWM influence.
  • Great Wall Motors − Gereon Pusch, Dipl.-Ing., Tim Schwartz, MSc., & Sebastian Igel, MSc.
    Speeding up multi-objective optimization of E-motor development using Motor-CAD.
  • Cummins Corporate R&T UK − Krzysztof Paciura
    How Motor-CAD is helping to solve some challenges in heavy duty trucks.
  • Motor Design Ltd − Jonathan Godbehere, Ph.D.
    E-Machine Optimisation Considering EDU Requirements.
  • University of Zagreb − Branko Ban
    Robust feasibility and region detection algorithm for nontemplate Motor-CAD design optimization.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology and National Renewable Energy Laboratory − Sebastien Sequeira
    Validation and Parametric Investigations Using a LPTN model of an IPM Motor.
Workshops and Motor Design Clinics
  • Introduction to Motor-CAD v14 Workshop − Mircea Popescu, Ph.D., & Dougie Hawkins, Motor Design Ltd (MDL)
  • Advanced Design with Motor-CAD: Thermal Clinic − Eddie Chong, Ph.D., & Husain Adam, MDL
  • Advanced Design with Motor-CAD: Systems Clinic − James Goss, Ph.D., & Giada Venturini, MDL
  • Advanced Design with Motor-CAD: Forces and Losses Clinic − Melanie Michon, Ph.D., & Mircea Popescu, Ph.D., MDL
  • Advanced Design with Motor-CAD: Motor-CAD and optiSLang Best Practices Seminar − Jonathan Godbehere, Ph.D., & Nicolas Riviere, MDL
Introduction to Motor-CAD live Q&A
  • Introduction to Motor-CAD: Q&A on Thermal Analysis – Husain Adam & Jonathan Godbehere, Ph.D., MDL
  • Introduction to Motor-CAD: Q&A on Electromagnetic Analysis and Efficiency Maps – Sarah Woodrow & Bo Ren, Ph.D., MDL
  • Introduction to Motor-CAD: Q&A on Mechanical Analysis and Links to Other Software – Nicolas Riviere & Matt Jones, MDL

*Please note that this schedule may be subject to change.


Details & FAQs

Where will the summit be hosted?

We will be using the online platform ‘Thinkific’ to run our virtual summit. In the days prior to Monday 8th February 2021, you will receive an email from Thinkific giving you access to the summit. Please note that in order to provide you with access to the summit we will create you an account on Thinkific using your ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’ and the ‘Email Address’ that you provide. To understand how Thinkific handles personal data, please see their privacy policy.

How will I join live sessions?

Live speaker sessions and clinics will all take place on the webinar platform, GoToWebinar. Once you gain access to the summit, simply follow the instructions to join the live sessions at the designated time each day. Recordings of the live sessions will be made available on the portal at the end of each day for those who are unable to participate.

Do I need to be a current Motor-CAD software user?

This summit is open to existing Motor-CAD users and non-users alike. If you do not have a licence for Motor-CAD, but are keen to try out the software and make the most of the introductory training materials that will be available, please let us know via the registration form. We will make a free, time-limited evaluation licence for Ansys Motor-CAD available to you for the week of the summit.

Have a question about the summit?

Please email us at and a member of the team will be in touch.



Motor Design Ltd would like to invite you to join our free, virtual Motor-CAD Summit, taking place over the week of the 8th — 12th February 2021.

Our 2021 summit will provide an online space where motor designers can learn about technological developments in e-machine design, access interactive workshops and training materials, and discuss their motor design challenges and best practice with our expert team.

  • Watch live technical presentations from design engineers at the cutting-edge of electric motor design, including speakers from Cummins, AAM, Great Wall Motors and the Illinois Institute of Technology.
  • Learn about modelling hairpin windings in Motor-CAD, oil-spray cooling, E-Machine optimisation and the new features in Motor-CAD v14.
  • Take part in advanced modelling workshops on thermal analysis, systems, forces and losses.
  • Access to our team for the duration of the week – schedule meetings and give feedback on the Motor-CAD features you would like to see.
Are you new to Motor-CAD, or interested in trying the software for free?

In addition to access to the live technical presentations, clinics and workshops, attendees can:

  • Benefit from our offer of a free Motor-CAD licence for the duration of the Summit
  • Gain access to our wide range of introductory training videos, covering the design of brushless permanent magnet machines, inverter-fed induction machines, direct online induction machines, switched reluctance machines, synchronous reluctance machines, synchronous wound field generators, brushless DC motors and single phase induction machines.
  • Have your questions answered during our live, introductory Q&A sessions, where our experts will be on-hand with live demonstrations.
Download Agenda (0.2MB)