Motor Design Ltd is delighted to be participating at the 2019 International Electric Machines & Drives Conference (IEMDC) in San Diego.


[four-fifths]Nicolas Riviere (Research Engineer at MDL) will be presenting a paper on ‘Design analysis of a high speed copper rotor induction motor for a traction application‘ in the ‘Electric Machine Design Optimizations for Transportation Applications’ session.[/four-fifths]




[four-fifths]Dr Giuseppe Volpe (Senior E-Machine Specialist at MDL) will be presenting a paper on ‘AC Winding Losses in Modern Automotive Traction E-Machines’ in the ‘Analysis of Electric Machines for Transportation Applications’ session.[/four-fifths]




[four-fifths]Dr Jonathon Godbehere, who is now a Senior E-Machine Specialist at MDL, will be presenting research carried out during his time at the University of Bristol. His paper, ‘Design and Thermal Analysis of a Rotating Transformer’, will feature in the ‘Thermal, Material and Efficiency Issues in Electrical Machines’ session.[/four-fifths]




MDL will also be leading a tutorial on the first day of the conference (12th May):

Tutorial on ‘Electrical Vehicles: Power Traction Motors Design Aspects’ – There is currently significant activity in the mass manufacturing and development of electric machines for automotive applications where a wide variety of possible solutions can be seen. This tutorial aims to evaluate a range of the most common design options in terms of performance, cost and manufacturability. Development of an EV powertrain is a complex systems problem and achieving an optimal system design requires an evaluation of many different concepts and topologies as well as a detailed understanding of the system interactions. These interactions are typically cross specialism or discipline, involve different teams and often require multi-physics analysis. Design and simulation tools are crucial to evaluating different design topologies as well as identifying and understanding important system interactions. The tutorial will be focussed upon a set of typical electric machine specifications through which the following design variations will be explored for traction motors in EVs and proposes simple modifications that can improve the motor performance.

For more information, visit the IEMDC website.


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