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Motor Design Ltd (MDL) は、電気機械設計用の高度のソフトウェアとツール開発における世界的リーダーです。弊社は、1998年以来電気モーター・ソフトウェアを開発してきました。







EMag (電磁界)、Therm(熱)、Lab(検査)からなるソフトウェア パッケージの統合システムを使用することにより、モーターCAD(Motor-CAD)は電気モーター設計の電磁界・熱の性能テストをすばやく簡単に実行できます。結果は分かりやすい形で提供され、設計上の決断を効率的に行うことができます。




弊社の製品やサービスの詳細については、 他のウェブサイト(英語版)を参照してください。


お客様の地域のモーター-CAD (Motor-CAD) 代理店:

有限会社モーション システムテック

T: +81 (0)3 3473 2209
F: +81 (0)3 3473 2284


Latest News

MDL Torque Issue 29: May 2017

Double Rotor Cage Induction Machine
Motor-CAD Training Course on Design of BPM Motors
Motor Design Ltd Welcomes Sara Roggia
Upcoming Events

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MDL Torque Issue 28: April 2017

Cut edge analysis using Motor-CAD FEA
Launch of MDL Film
Motor-CAD training in China
Upcoming Events

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MDL Torque Issue 27: March 2017

FEA Measurement Functionality
New IPM Magnet Geometries
Launch of web-site
Welcome to Erasmus Student

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MDL Torque Issue 26: February 2017

Square Wave Drive Mode
Welcome to new staff
Presentation at Advanced E-Motor Technology 2017

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MDL Torque Issue 25: November 2016

MDL Motor Design Training Course, 15th – 18th November 2016, Oswestry, UK
IET Seminar on Practical Control of Salient PM Motors
IEEE IAS Chapter Prominent Lecture on Practical Aspects in the Design & Analysis of Electric Machinery for Power Traction Application

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MDL Torque Issue 24: October 2016

Multiphase Developments
APC-E Machine Launch Event
China Tour

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MDL Torque Issue 23: September 2016

Motor-CAD IM-EMag Development
Motor-CAD at Cenex-LCV Event
Motor Design Limited Headlines at Battery Show

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MDL Torque Issue 22: July 2016

Release of Motor-CAD Version 10
Workshop with Ansys in Munich
MDL Sponsorship of 24th Symposium on Electromagnetic Phenomena in Nonlinear Circuits
Near win in Ellesmere charity regatta!

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MDL Torque Issue 21: June 2016

Exciting Work on Fan Cooling
Presentation at European PhD School

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MDL Torque Issue 20: May 2016

Prize Paper on Ecological Vehicles

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LCV 2017, 6th – 7th September

MDL will be at LCV Expo, stand C3-507. For more information please click here.
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Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor Training Course: 4th -5th July 2017

This course will contain a mix of theory and design practice. Day 1 will concentrate on electromagnetic analysis of brushless permanent magnet motors, and Day 2 will concentrate on thermal analysis. This training course by Motor Design Ltd will be taking place 4th -...
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ITEC 2017, Chicago, 22nd – 24th June

Heide Lewis, MDL sales associate, will be attending the Expo at stand 403. For more information please click here.  
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CWIEME Berlin : 20th – 22nd June 2017

Dr David Staton and Dr James Goss are presenting:
Open Source Electric Motor Models for Commercial EV Hybrid Traction Motors  
Electric Motor Design: Trade-Off Analysis Including Motor Type, Winding Type, Material and Coil Type Selections.

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Engine Expo 2017, Stuttgard : 20th-22nd June 2017

Dr Unai San Andres and Giuseppe Volpe will be attending the Expo. For more information please click here.  
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Motor-CAD General Training, Italy : 14th-15th June 2017

Location: SPIN Applicazioni Magnetiche Srl - Via Corselli 11 - Piacenza, Italy Dr James Goss, Head of Technology at MDL, will be delivering a general Motor-CAD training course. This is being organised jointly with our Italian distributors, SPIN. For more information...
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CADFEM – MDL workshop: Simulation of Electric Machines 13th June

Venue: ANSYS, Milton Park, 97 Jubilee Ave, Milton, Abingdon OX14 4RW

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Webinar CADFEM-MDL 2nd June

For more information, please click here  
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OPTIM-ACEMP Conference : 25th – 27th May 2017

Venue: Cheile Gradistei Fundata Complex
Dr Mircea Popescu will be delivering the Keynote Presentation on Electric Machine Design for Automotive Applications .

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18th European PhD School : 22nd-26th May 2017

Location: Angevian Castle, Gaeta, Italy Giuseppe Volpe, who is sponsored by MDL, will be presenting his PhD work to date. For more information please click here.
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The Motor-CAD software is distributed worldwide. Our carefully selected partners are experts in the use of the software and can provide support and training.

To find a distributor near you, click on the link below.

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