8th October 2019

MDL signs distribution agreement with Ansys, Inc.


Motor Design Ltd are pleased to announce we have signed an agreement with Ansys, Inc. to distribute our software, Motor-CAD. This agreement enables the distribution of Motor-CAD through the comprehensive Ansys sales and support network.

"Motor-CAD is the world leading tool for fast multiphysics design and sizing of electrical machines. It allows users to efficiently calculate electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical performance of a machine over the complete operating cycle, making Motor-CAD ideally suited for iterative design space exploration and optimization of concept designs.


Through our agreement with ANSYS, the combination of Motor-CAD and ANSYS’ industry leading multiphysics simulation technology will create an unparalleled workflow for electric machines, from initial design to detailed analysis. This agreement also allows MDL to continue our focus on developing the most dedicated and cutting-edge software, on supporting Motor-CAD users and on ensuring the best possible customer experience."

Dr James Goss, CEO of Motor Design Ltd


View the press release here.




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