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About Motor-CAD


Motor-CAD is the world-leading dedicated electric motor design software package for the multiphysics simulation of electrical machines across the full torque-speed range. Developed in 1998, Motor-CAD is used by major motor manufacturers and universities worldwide.

Motor-CAD enables design engineers to evaluate motor topologies and concepts across the full operating range, to produce designs that are optimised for performance, efficiency and size. Motor-CAD software’s four integrated modules—EMag, Therm, Lab and Mech—enable multiphysics calculations to be performed quickly and iteratively, so users can get from concept to final design in less time.



Motor-CAD EMag – Electromagnetic and electrical performance predictions

Uses a combination of 2D FE environment and analytical algorithms for fast calculation of electromagnetic performance. Optimise designs easily with our extensive range of parameterised templates and geometries. Find out more…



Motor-CAD Therm – Thermal performance predictions and advanced cooling system design

The industry-standard tool for thermal analysis of electric machines, with over 20 years of inbuilt experience. Calculate the temperature of the motor components in steady-state and transient operating conditions and accurately model thermal behaviour within seconds of calculation. Find out more…



Motor-CAD Mech – Mechanical analysis

2D FEA based solution in Motor-CAD to analyse stress and displacement in rotors during operation.


Motor-CAD Lab – Efficiency mapping and performance across a duty cycle

Enables rapid and accurate analysis of any electric machine design over the full operating envelope. Carry out efficiency mapping and drive cycle analysis within minutes. Find out more…


Why Motor-CAD?


Explore more motor topologies and assess the impact of loss effects at any early stage in the design process, when the cost of change is low

Ever-reducing development cycles are forcing motor designers to make design decisions quickly and with certainty they will not face problems down the line. With Motor-CAD, multiphysics calculations can be carried out in just seconds: creating space in the design process for motor designers to explore more motor topologies and fully assess the impact of advanced loss effects at an early stage, when design choices are still open and the cost of change is low.

Streamlined and simplified design process

Comprehensive multiphysics simulation in the initial stages of the design process prevents costly mistakes, which is why many major OEMs and Tier 1s use Motor-CAD even when they have existing software solutions in place. Motor-CAD software’s intuitive, template-based setup and embedded electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical expertise simplifies the design process and removes the need for extensive multiphysics experience.

Unparalleled customer support

Motor-CAD is designed and developed by motor design engineers, and has been since 1999. We are known for our highly responsive, knowledgeable customer support. Our team of motor design specialists and software developers are on hand to answer your technical questions and support your development requirements.

Continual development and cutting-edge features

Motor-CAD software’s functionality is shaped by feedback from our global user base and the needs of the industry. As leading partners on multiple international research projects, our design engineers have a unique insight into the latest developments in electric motor technology, and we use this knowledge to keep Motor-CAD at the cutting edge.


Interested in finding out more?

Our motor design specialists can help you understand whether Motor-CAD will meet your needs and arrange for you to evaluate Motor-CAD software for free. Fill out our contact form, or email us at and a member of the team will be in touch.

Latest News

Read our latest white paper on ‘Performance Analysis of Electric Motor Technologies for an Electric Vehicle Powertrain’

In our latest white paper, we discuss how different design choices, such as motor topology, winding type and cooling system, can be compared and evaluated with the overall system impact in mind.

Celebrating 20 years of Motor Design Ltd and Motor-CAD

Motor Design Ltd is proud to celebrate 20 years of Motor-CAD software! Read our interview with MDL founder and company president, Dr David Staton.

Latest software release – Motor-CAD v12

Motor Design Ltd is delighted to announce the release of Motor-CAD v12 — the latest version of our unique software package dedicated to the electromechanical performance of motors and generators and the optimisation of their cooling.

Motor-CAD European User Conference 2019

We are delighted to announce that Motor Design Ltd’s inaugural European Motor-CAD User Conference will take place on the 20th-21st February 2019, in Birmingham, UK. The two-day event will bring together engineers and researchers working on eMachine design to learn about technological developments, share best practice and discuss their challenges and approaches.

Workshop on ‘Design Trends and Performance Analysis of BEV & HEV Electric Machines’ at Motor & Drive Systems 2019

Dr. David Staton will be running a workshop on ‘Design Trends and Performance Analysis of BEV & HEV Electric Machines’ at the 2019 Motor & Drive Systems Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Electric Drive Tail Rotor Team wins Team Bronze Medal at 2018 RAeS awards

We are delighted to announce that the Electric Drive Tail Rotor Team, which included representatives from MDL, was awarded a Team Bronze Medal at the 2018 Royal Aeronautical Society awards ceremony in November.

Watch our webinar on ‘Accounting for AC Winding Losses in the Electric Machine Design Process using Motor-CAD’

Watch a recording of our recent webinar on ‘Accounting for AC Winding Losses in the Electric Machine Design Process using Motor-CAD’.

UK Training Course on the Design of BPM and Induction Motors – 16th-18th October 2018

Registration open for our training course on the design of brushless permanent magnet (BPM) and induction motors using Motor-CAD.

U.S. Motor-CAD Users Meeting and Training – 17th-21st September 2018

Register now to attend our U.S. Motor-CAD users meeting and training course, taking place from 17th-21st September 2018 in Mason, Ohio

MDL welcomes Michael Rubbo – dedicated customer support for Motor-CAD users based in the U.S.

Motor Design Ltd are delighted to introduce Michael Rubbo, who will be supporting Motor-CAD users based in the U.S. as a Lead Applications Engineer.


Motor-CAD North America User Conference 2019

The 2019 Motor-CAD North America User Conference will take place in October in Detroit.


The Motor-CAD software is distributed worldwide. Our carefully selected partners are experts in the use of the software and can provide support and training.

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