Motor-CAD Lab

Efficiency mapping and performance across a duty cycle.


Efficiency mapping and performance across a duty cycle

The Motor-CAD Lab module has been developed to enable rapid and accurate analysis of any electric machine design over the full operating envelope. With Motor-CAD Lab, engineers can create efficiency maps, plot torque/speed characteristics, study the continuous and peak thermally constrained operational envelope and analyse performance over driving cycles. It is fast, easy to use and the techniques have been experimentally verified.


Motor-LAB illustration



Key Features

  • Generate efficiency and loss maps.
  • Calculate the peak torque/speed characteristic.
  • Calculate the continuous (thermally constrained) torque/speed characteristics.
  • Analyse performance over complex driving cycles.
  • Uses maximum torque/amp and maximum efficiency control strategies.
  • Intuitive user interface – data is produced in a simple format that can easily be exported to MATLAB, Microsoft Excel and other applications. A wide variety of graphs can be generated and a number of publication-quality output formats are supported.


Machine Types

Motor-CAD Lab is available for the following motor types:

  • BPM: Brushless Permanent Magnet motors
  • IM: Induction motors
  • SYNCREL: Synchronous Reluctance motors
  • SYNC: Synchronous machines.


The Motor-CAD software is distributed worldwide. Our carefully selected partners are experts in the use of the software and can provide support and training.

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