2014 Publications

Analytic modeling of inverter-fed induction machines — A practical approach for matching measurement and simulation data

By Martin Hafner ; Mircea Popescu ; Aldo Boglietti ; Andrea Cavagnino

2014 International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM)

Year: 2014 | Conference Paper | Publisher: IEEE

Abstract: Electrical engineers rely on analytical models to design industrial induction motors for different customer driven applications. These models are fundamental and do not naturally consider additional core losses due to stamping or welding or the impact of being inverter-fed. To overcome the resulting gap between analytic results and measurement data, these equivalent circuit models are traditionally adapted by correction factors. This paper presents a methodology allowing to parameterise such an analytical model basing on inverter-fed load and no-load measurements carried out for several frequencies. The obtained results show a fair agreement over a wide range of operation points which is acceptable for daily business applications.

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