2013 Publications

Brushless AC interior-permanent magnet motor design: Comparison of slot/pole combinations and distributed vs. concentrated windings

By James Goss ; Dave Staton ; Rafal Wrobel ; Phil Mellor

2013 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition

Year: 2013 | Conference Paper | Publisher: IEEE

Abstract: This paper compares the attributes of 36 slot, 33 slot and 12 slot brushless interior permanent magnet motor designs, each with an identical 10 pole interior magnet rotor. The aim of the paper is to quantify the trade-offs between alternative distributed and concentrated winding configurations taking into account aspects such as thermal performance, field weakening behaviour, acoustic noise, and efficiency. It is found that the concentrated 12 slot design gives the highest theoretical performance however significant rotor losses are found during testing and a large amount of acoustic noise and vibration is generated. The 33 slot design is found to have marginally better performance than the 36 slot but it also generates some unbalanced magnetic pull on the rotor which may lead to mechanical issues at higher speeds.

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