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Cooling of Automotive Traction Motors: Schemes, Examples, and Computation Methods

By Yaohui Gai ; Mohammad Kimiabeigi ; Yew Chuan Chong ; James D. Widmer ; Xu Deng ; Mircea Popescu ; James Goss ; Dave A. Staton ; Andrew Steven

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

Year: 2019 | Volume: 66, Issue: 3 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE

Abstract: This paper presents a comprehensive over-view of the latest studies and analyses of the cooling technologies and computation methods for the automotive traction motors. Various cooling methods, including the natural, forced air, forced liquid, and phase change types, are discussed with the pros and cons of each method being compared. The key factors for optimizing the heat transfer efficiency of each cooling system are highlighted here. Furthermore, the real-life examples of these methods, applied in the latest automotive traction motor prototypes and products, have been set out and evaluated. Finally, the analytical and numerical techniques describing the nature and performance of different cooling schemes have been explained and addressed. This paper provides guidelines for selecting the appropriate cooling methods and estimating the performance of them in the early stages of their design.

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