Designing an E-Machine: An Electromagnetic Problem?

By Dr. Giuseppe Volpe, Senior E-Machine Specialist

About this webinar

Although it is widely accepted that a combination of electromagnetic, electrical, thermal and mechanical analysis is required to create a competitive electric machine, the initial sizing and design optimisation of the motor is often viewed as a problem that can be solved by electromagnetic analysis alone. Even in modern design optimisation methodologies, multiphysics analysis is generally recommended as a validation stage towards the end of the process, when design candidates have already been selected, parameters have been defined and there is a high cost of change.

In this webinar we explore how carrying out multiphysics analysis at initial stages of the design process can impact design decisions and ultimately result in a more competitive design.

Topics covered include:

  • Why is multiphysics design and analysis in the initial design phase important?
  • A comparison of design decisions based on multiphysics or EM analysis alone.
  • Using multiphysics analysis for high speed design with field weakening.

Who should watch?

Design engineers and technical professionals working in the field of electric machine design.

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