2014 Publications

Electrical machine first order short-time thermal transients model: Measurements and parameters evaluation

By Aldo Boglietti ; Enrico Carpaneto ; Marco Cossale ; Alex Lucco Borlera ; Dave Staton ; Mircea Popescu

IECON 2014 – 40th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society

Year: 2014 | Conference Paper | Publisher: IEEE

Abstract: This paper deals with the measurements and parameters determination of a stator thermal model suitable to predict the winding thermal behaviour during short-time thermal transient. A possible application of the proposed first order thermal network is the overcurrent limit prediction in electrical drives. Initially, a detailed description of the thermal model is reported with a deep discussion about its validity limits. Than the test methodology as well as the required measurements for the thermal parameters determination are presented and discussed. Two procedures for the thermal parameters determination are analysed and compared. Finally, the accuracy of the thermal model and its parameters determination have been validate for five industrial induction motors with a rated power in the range of 4kW-55 kW. Furthermore, the proposed short time thermal test allows the quick determination of the equivalent thermal resistance of the slot insulation system. The proposed thermal model shows an accurate prediction of the winding thermal evolution in thermal transient long up to 4 minutes.

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