Past projects

HERRB: Helicopter Electric Regenerative Rotor Brake

Project Overview

HERRB (Helicopter Electric Regenerative Rotor Brake) delivered a model based design framework and construction of a full- scale, all-electric braking system prototype for the main and tail rotors of a helicopter, including a static brake. The final solution is weight competitive, exploiting the very low duty cycle required from the application whilst maintaining the levels of safety and reliability needed from this type of aircraft system.

The main outputs of the project include:

  • A demonstration of the suitability of electrical braking architecture as the ideal candidate for dynamic braking applications
  • The capability to accurately model the electro-mechanical behaviour of a full regenerative rotor braking system under a range of rotor braking scenarios
  • An evaluation of the thermal and dynamic performance of the regenerative rotor braking system
  • A demonstration of integrating the design into an existing rotorcraft’s transmission.


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