2020 Publications

Investigation of Cooling Solutions for Hairpin Winding in Traction Application

By Giada Venturini; Giuseppe Volpe; Marco Villani; Mircea Popescu

2020 International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM)

Year: 2020 | Conference Paper | Publisher: IEEE

Abstract: This work explores several cooling system topologies for permanent magnet machines with hairpin winding configurations in automotive traction applications. A common cooling system such as a housing water jacket is initially utilized and subsequently compared to a slot water jacket one. Four different in-slot cooling arrangements are considered, leading to four different stator designs, keeping the same machine volume. The impact of the different loss components on the machine performance both electromagnetically and thermally is analyzed. The work aims to show and prove the goodness of the slot water jacket for hairpin windings in addition to the selection of the optimal solution among the proposed ones.

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