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Multi-physics, Multi-objective Optimisation of Electric Machines

By Nicolas Riviere, Senior E-Machine Specialist

In this white paper, a novel surrogate model-based optimisation workflow using Ansys optiSLang and Ansys Motor-CAD is presented and used for the design optimisation of a 24-slot 16-pole IPM traction motor. The paper shows how the selected motor topology was optimised to provide maximum efficiency over the WLTP-3 drive cycle and within the minimum space envelope, while achieving specific requirements in terms of electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical performance.

Why read this white paper?

The approach detailed in this white paper is a significant improvement over previous direct optimization strategies and is unprecedented in both academic literature on electric machine optimisation and industrial best practice. Besides providing optimised solutions to complex multi-physics, multi-criteria design problems in a computationally efficient way and without massive HPC capabilities, this optimisation strategy also enables motor designers to efficiently trade-off conflicting performance across a large design space and keep track of these trade-offs to significantly reduce the cost of change throughout the development process.

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This is a follow-up to the recent article published on the Ansys blog on ‘How to Efficiently Optimize Electric Motor Design’. Read the original article here.

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