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On Selection of Rotor Support Material for a Ferrite Magnet Spoke-Type Traction Motor

By Mohammad Kimiabeigi ; James D. Widmer ; Raymond Long ; Yi Gao ; James Goss ; Richard Martin ; Timothy Lisle ; Jose M. Soler Vizan ; Alex Michaelides ; Barrie C. Mecrow

IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications

Year: 2016 | Volume: 52, Issue: 3 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE

Abstract: Interior permanent-magnet motors with ferrite magnets and distributed windings can be a cost-effective alternative to rare-earth magnet-based motors for demanding applications such as automotive traction. Among different rotor topologies, the spoke type may be preferred, due to its advantages for high flux concentration and resistance to demagnetization, when carefully designed. When high-speed operation is required, to increase the power density of the motor, the spoke-type rotor must comprise two sections: 1) the ferromagnetic rotor pole to provide the path for the magnetic flux; and 2) the nonmagnetic rotor support to provide the structural integrity. In this paper, the multiphysics and cost implications of the rotor support material, as part of a high-performance ferrite magnet traction motor, are analyzed, and an optimal selection with respect to those criteria is proposed. The performance of the design based on the proposed rotor support material is validated by electromagnetic and structural testing of three sets of customized prototypes. Based on the analysis, the proposed rotor support material may, significantly, boost the cost competitiveness of a low-cost ferrite motor for high-volume production.

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