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Performance Analysis of Electric Motor Technologies for an Electric Vehicle Powertrain

By Dr. James Goss, Chief Executive Officer

Designing an electric motor requires a comprehensive understanding of the impacts that different technologies can have on motor mass, performance and cost — ideally at an early stage in the design process when design choices are still open and the cost of change is low. In our latest white paper, we discuss how different design choices, such as motor topology, winding type and cooling system, can be compared and evaluated with the overall system impact in mind.

  • The first section of the paper looks at a comparison between an interior permanent magnet, induction and wound field synchronous motor design in an EV application.
  • The second part of the paper takes the permanent magnet machine design and considers the trade-off between hairpin and stranded winding technologies.
  • Finally, three different cooling types are compared: water jacket cooling, oil spray cooling, and combined water jacket and air cooling.

What will you learn? How different motor types compare in terms of mass, cost, continuous performance, efficiency and energy usage over typical drive cycles, and how simulation tools can be used to quickly and easily explore trade-offs in design decisions.

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