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ReFreeDrive: Rare Earth Free e-Drives featuring low cost manufacturing

Project Overview

The ReFreeDrive project is focused on contributing to avoid the use of rare earth magnets through the development of a next generation of electric drivetrains, ensuring the industrial feasibility for mass production while focusing on the low cost of the manufacturing technologies.

MDL is responsible for designing an advanced Induction Motor that meets the project requirements. Additionally, MDL will support the cooling system design and thermal analysis of the Synchronous Reluctance machine and the bench test and full-vehicle validation data to improve the fidelity of the simulations models.

  • Timeline: October 2017 — March 2021
  • Funding: EGVI European Green Vehicles Initiative, European Commission
Project Partners
  • Motor Design Ltd
  • Fundación CIDAUT
  • European Copper Institute
  • University of L’Aquila
  • IFP energies Nouvelles
  • Centro Sviluppo Materiali
  • Technomatic S.p.A
  • Mavel SRL
  • Breuckmann
  • Aurubis
  • R13 Technology
  • Jaguar Land Rover.



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