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SMART Cymru: Development of multi-physics analysis methods for state-of-the-art electric traction motors

Project Overview

The project will develop multi-physics analysis methods for the design of electric traction motors for electric vehicles and aerospace applications. Electric machine design targets in these electrification applications are increasingly difficult to meet, and often there are multiple, often competing, targets across different physics, e.g. high efficiency, low mass and cost, low noise, meeting thermal requirements, low mechanical stress. Hence, there is a clear industry requirement for motor design optimisation across different physics, in the early stages of the motor design process.

The project will develop novel analytical simulation methods for multi-physics design and optimisation of electrical machines. The methods will be demonstrated on a state-of-the-art benchmark motor design and results will be validated against existing finite element methods.

  • Timeline: March 2020 — February 2022
  • Funding: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) operating under the European Structural Fund Operational Programme entitled SMART Cymru 2014-2020 West Wales & the Valleys


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