Industry Sectors

Motor-CAD is used in various and complex systems such as hybrid/electric vehicles, aircraft motors, wind power generation, submersible pumps, hermetic compressors, conveyer rollers and motorsport.

Automotive & Transport

Motor-CAD is used in varying applications, for example hybrid/electric vehicles, power steering, railway traction and motor sport.

Aerospace & Defence

Motor-CAD is used in a variety of applications from electric actuators to electric braking systems where reliability, size and weight are important requirements.

Consumer Goods

Motor-CAD is used in various applications including hand tools, household appliances and air conditioning systems.

Industrial Products

Motor-CAD is used in various complex applications, such as submersible pumps, hermetic compressors and conveyor systems.

Renewable Energy

Motor-CAD is used in various renewable energy applications such as wind and tidal power generation where machine reliability, efficiency and size are fundamental requirements.


Motor-CAD is used in many educational establishments for both teaching and research projects.