Designing an E-Machine: Optimising electric machines with multiphysics analysis



About this webinar

This webinar will show how Motor-CAD can be coupled with OptiSLang to provide a multi-physics, multi-objective optimisation procedure. An example is given where an electric vehicle motor is optimised to give maximum drive cycle efficiency, minimum cost and minimum size, while achieving a specified peak and continuous torque/speed requirement.


Topics covered include:

  • How to efficiently evaluate each design candidate against the full specification and objectives.
  • Leveraging state-of-the-art meta-model based optimisation methods for a groundbreaking workflow.
  • A data driven design approach resulting in rigorous design choices.
  • The ability to rapidly respond to changing requirements and evolving specifications.

Who should watch?

Design engineers and technical professionals working in the field of electric machine design.


How to watch

To access the recording of the webinar ‘Designing an E-Machine: Optimising electric machines with multiphysics analysis’, please follow this link to the GoToWebinar website and enter the requested details. 


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Electric Machine Webinar Series

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